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Deep ploughing technology research and development, show the splendor of plant lighting – high PPE red LED products won the award


Abstract:The 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was held in the Pavilion of Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fair. On the first day of the exhibition, Shineon won the 10th Aladdin Magic Lamp Award - High PPE plant lighting red LED product award.     It has been 6 years since Shineon laid out horticultural lighting. At this exhibition, horticultural lighting was exhibited as an important product. On the day of the exhibition, we had in-depth discussions with a number of leading companies in the lighting field and senior industry experts, and exchanged views on the normalization of the epidemic. Under the influence of the future development path of the lighting industry, Shineon also adheres to the concept of healthy lighting based on its years of R&D and production capabilities, and demonstrates its technical advantages. Since 2021, the plant lighting market has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities, and the market demand has basically maintained a growth rate of more than 20%. As a special application in a sub-sector, LED plant lighting is becoming a new outlet in the lighting industry. Including: breeding and planting provide healthier and more energy-efficient lighting solutions. Under the concept of sustainable development, the low-heat LED plant lamp with cold light source has not only become the first choice to replace the traditional high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, but also can irradiate plants at close range without being burned. The plant lighting products of Shineon have high photon flux efficiency: red light: 4.3umol/J@350mA, white light: 3.28umol/J@65mA; the spectrum can be customized for different plant types and growth stages to improve production efficiency. Different plants such as seedlings, leafy vegetables, and fruiting plants have been matched with nearly 100 spectrums to meet the needs; not only the spectrum can be customized, but also the whole lamp scheme can be designed according to customer needs; The plant lighting products of Shineon also have high reliability and longevity. Life and other characteristics, obtained DLC Q90 certification, STH3030 series L70 more than 54000 hours and passed IEC62471 certification to achieve photobiological safety level risk 1.   DLC Q90 certification report   IEC 62471 certification report   As early as 2017, Shineon began to participate in the national key research and development plan: research and application demonstration of key technologies for artificial leafy vegetable production of LED, and reached a special lamp for the efficient production of leafy vegetables, and the LED photon flux efficiency can reach 3μmol/J; life >60,000 hours; more than 40% energy saving than traditional light sources; applied for/obtained 2 patents; published 1 core paper; the economic benefits achieved have reached the recognition of the sponsor and the client! The 2835, 3030, 3535 of Shineon products and other series of plant lighting lamp beads have been involved in many scenes such as greenhouse fill light, full artificial light plant factory, plant tissue culture, field fill light, family vegetable and flower planting, and laboratory research. Not only covers a wide range, but also has a complete range of models to meet the requirements of various lamp types such as spider lights, strip lights, high bay lights, lamps, and bulbs.

Shineon Innovation comprehensively deploys Mini-LED backlight technology


Abstract:The "2022 Experts Talk Mini LED Backlight Mass Production and Application Trend Conference" kicked off in Shenzhen Bao'an Exhibition Bay on July 28,. This conference gathered industry giants in terminals, chips, packaging, driver ICs, equipment materials, etc., from the interlocking development of scenarios and technology penetration, to unveil the latest progress in the mini LED backlight supply chain. Shinone Innovation, which has accumulated a lot of experience, participated in this conference with a new look, and as a participating unit, jointly launched the "2022 Mini LED Backlight Research White Paper" with other 30 companies. Dr. Liu Guoxu, CTO of Shineon Innovation, was invited to host the afternoon session of this forum, and as a guest hosted the dialogue session of "Face-to-Face with Big Celebrities: Discussion on the Development Trend of Mini LED Consumer Electronics Application". Dr. Liu said that despite the impact of the epidemic, geopolitical conflicts and the general economic environment, the display industry is in a low period, and Shineon Innovation is still full of expectations for the "five future" track of advanced display. As a strong competitive technology for OLED, Mini LED backlight will greatly extend the life cycle of LCD liquid crystal display and promote 8K display strategy. At the same time, mini LED will also lay the necessary foundation for future displays such as Micro LED. The maturity of its supply chain, the improvement of process yield, and the upgrade and iteration of manufacturing equipment will have a profound impact on the display industry. Since 2017, Shineon Innovation has started the research on Mini LED technology, and successively solved technical problems such as overall structure design, optical simulation, circuit and driving scheme, process development, etc., and realized the complete solution from small and medium size to large size, POB to CSP to COB Program coverage, this time also shared more views in combination with changes in market development.     Founded by a number of national-level overseas experts, Shineon Innovation is a hard technology company focusing on optoelectronic devices, third-generation semiconductors, new displays and other fields, and always takes innovation as the core driving force. In the wave of LED, it took the lead in leading the localization of LCD TV backlight source and high-power lighting COB, and created a number of core technologies for optoelectronic device packaging, modules and systems. Developed and launched the first domestic QD quantum dot TV backlight, narrow peak width phosphor wide color gamut backlight, CSP white light backlight, low blue light health screen and achieved mass production, creating a number of first records in China. Focusing on Mini-LED backlight technology, Shineon Innovation has innovatively designed and launched a number of Mini-LED backlight benchmark cases. Dr. Liu Guoxu, CTO, introduced, "Shineon Innovation has been working on Mini-LED backlight technology since 2017, and has successively solved technical problems such as overall structural design, optical simulation, circuit and drive solutions, process development, etc. Dimensions, POB to CSP to COB complete solution coverage: - Initiated joint development with major international and domestic manufacturers. In 2018, a 31.5-inch COB Mini-LED low-cost backlight solution for MNT was developed for the first time for a major Korean manufacturer, with 384 partitions and a peak brightness of 1000nits; - Take the lead in completing multi-size and full-series solution design with major domestic TV/MNT customers. Taking the 65-inch TV Mini-LED backlight solution as an example, it can cover 288 to 1024 partitions, the peak brightness is up to 1500nits, the color gamut is up to NTSC110%, and the OD 0-15mm is extremely thin; - Strongly launched the overall solution of the Mini-LED MNT system based on AM drive, which has strong competitiveness in terms of image quality taste, parameter performance, cost, etc., and has technical advantages in brightness and color uniformity.     The technical difficulties of Mini-LED mainly come from the verification of actual projects and process practice. In actual project practice, there are not only explicit problems such as yield and reliability, but also systemic problems such as optics, electricity, and heat, which involve chips, substrates, lenses, packaging, driver ICs, and processes. A huge and complex systematic problem, Shineon Innovation has established a comprehensive technical reserve based on years of accumulated project experience. For high-end and mass market positioning, two product routes based on POB and COB have been developed: 1. POB product advantages: · Ultra wide angle: PKG maximum beam angle 180° · High voltage lamp bead solution: 6-24V, reducing driving cost · Rich series: 6 product forms, which can cover MNT/TV/vehicle needs in an all-round way · High yield: The flat-c

ShineOn is a leading global LED package and module solution provider for lightings and display market.  It was established in 2010 and funded by GSR, IDG, NLVC, and MayField VCs. Its customers include Skyworth, TCL, TPV, BOE, LG, Toyoda Gosei, Leadarson, FSL and etc.

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